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The name

When choosing a name for his exciting new enterprise,
Charles explains:

“I didn’t just want a name that sounded cool but was largely meaningless.
I wanted a name that was true and real – one that I could live by and up to.
A name that captures the standards and drive and passion that I always bring to my business. Its very essence.”

That’s why he chose the Japanese name, Ronin, which translates as “masterless Samurai.”

    masterless Samurai

    Samurai were medieval Japanese soldiers who upheld a distinctive brand of chivalry and honour.  The Samurai Code refers to the so-called Seven Virtues of Bushidō – a word which translates as “the way of warriors.”  These seven virtues include:


    Charles is, in fact, a respected and skilled student of classical Japanese martial arts: renowned for their highly disciplined and ethical practice.

    At The Ronin, he brings the same focus, care and commitment to his day-to-day business – but more importantly – his dealings with people.

    He doesn’t just talk the talk.  He listens and learns before making a move.

    He plays the long game to ensure the best possible outcomes for all parties to a position or a negotiation.