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武士道 Bushidō

Bushido is comprised of two words: Bushi – “Warrior” – and Do – “Way”

the way of the warrior

Bushidō means “the way of the warrior”.

In Japan, medieval warriors were called ‘Samurai’; a word which roughly translates as “to serve”. 

At The Ronin, Charles intentionally integrates the sacred code of the Samurai into his day-to-day approach to business.

 He genuinely believes that developing and following the Samurai’s virtues below leads to a myriad of benefits – for his clients, his candidates and himself.

 And that doing the right thing – even when nobody else is looking – is always the only way.

The Seven Virtues of Bushidō

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(rectitude, justice, righteousness)

Do the right thing. Always.

A business can only ever be as strong as its ethics and empathy.

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(courage, valour, bravery)

Business is tough at the best of times.

During troubling times, it is even more difficult. Especially if you run your own.

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(humanity, charity, benevolence)

A nourishing recipe for life as well as business.

Pay it forward, give it back… it is all part of that overall philosophy of ‘service’.

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(respect, courtesy, civility)

It is a tried and true saying in sales: “People will buy from those they know, like and trust.”

Treat everybody you meet with respect and you automatically become one of those favoured people.

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(honesty, sincerity, truthfulness)

Say your word. Do your word. Be your word.

Honesty is always the best – and only – policy.

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(honour, dignity, worthiness)

Act, think, and live with honour.

Strive for win/win outcomes where nobody loses money or face.

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(loyalty, faithfulness, devotion)

Loyal customers, suppliers, and employees are the lifeblood of any business.

To gain loyalty, simply provide it to others: it is that simple.

Reference from Charles bushidō master

These are the seven virtues and principles which Charles chooses to live by.

When Charles began his Martial Arts journey, he was a little older than most when starting a challenging undertaking like this. However, he not only keeps up with his younger, fitter, more naturally talented training partners – but has become a worthy adversary to them in combat, and a much admired and very respected martial artist.

Charles is a committed and very persistent student who pushes beyond his boundaries every time he trains. He never settles for near enough is good enough or a half effort. The old Japanese saying “99% right is 100% wrong” is always in his mindset.

He is thorough, analytical, loyal and honourable. He thinks like a man of action, and acts like a man of thought.

I once asked our junior class how they would define Integrity.

I was very impressed when the question was answered by Charles’s own son, Odin, who replied: “It is doing the right thing when nobody else is watching”.

I can see that these virtues that Charles has in abundance are being passed on to the next generation through him.

I am very proud to have Charles as my student.

He will succeed in anything he puts his mind and energy into.

In Budo,

Shihan Lindsay Hart
Susumu Ryu Budo Chief Instructor
Fudoshin Ryu Weapons Master